Thursday, 14 March 2013

Backyard Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming pool landscaping design requires planning for the backyard addition. When you're getting the right design for the landscaping you create an oasis for that swimming pool that is more enjoyable.

Everyone wants to possess beautiful backyard landscaping, but creating the perfect backyard isn’t nearly landscaping. It’s about creating an outdoor space you may enjoy and make the most of. Outdoor living is very trendy right now, but you’ve constantly the backyard to make it worthwhile to invest your time out there.

Here are 5 most popular pool styles:

Classic Designs: Classic design swimming pools don’t suggest your average, cookie-cutter design that you’d see in a single backyard after another. This style of pool can include unique features such as a cascading waterfall or perhaps a raised spa area.

Custom made Swimming Pool Designs: Custom built designs feature personal touches and customised styles that could include a wide range of shapes and sizes that are limited only by one’s imagination.

Free-form Swimming Pools: This style of swimming pool is becoming increasingly popular as it gives homeowners complete control over the appearance and overall design of their pools. Free-form pools can include naturalistic or lagoon styles and will usually have a focal point such as a rock formation mimicking an exotic oasis.

Geometric Pool Shapes: The easiest of geometric pool shapes include basic rectangles, squares, circles, and ovals, and have either very straight lines and edges, or perhaps a consistent radius around the perimeter. Both Grecian and Roman styles of pools are rectangular, however with rounded edges for a subtler feel. These kinds of swimming pool landscape design shapes are ideal for invoking a formal or upscale look.

L Shaped Swimming Pools: Because the name suggests, these pools are constructed within the shape of the letter L and have straight edges with one for reds shorter than the other. Variations of this basic style include both Bermuda Full and the Bahama Full.

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