Saturday, 2 February 2013

Popular Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing an exterior paint color for your household is not always easy. Many homeowners find it hard to visualize what their house may be like when it is painted, particularly when considering an extreme change in paint color. Additionally, choosing an exterior paint color for the home often involves choosing several coordinating paint colors for example those needed for the doors, shutters and trim.

Light Colors

Light colors of paint like white and tan aren't appropriate choices for older homes, marred with cracks, fissures along with other tiny flaws. These colors try to enhance these imperfections, resulting in a disappointing finish.

Dark Colors

Dark colors of paint like deep brown and blue assistance to hide minor flaws. In case your home is older, consider a color that will not reveal its age by accentuating its imperfections. In case your home is new, you can get away with lighter colors of paint. However, remember that darker colors do a better job of hiding dirt, too.

Tribal Or Ethnic

This group of colors comes with an earthy and rich tone. In order to give your home a somber and ethnic look, then you need to take a route towards this color group within the color menu. Painting the exterior of your home with any of 5 colors in this group will convey your need to bond with the roots and culture. This palette range is inspired from tribal and ethnic patterns. 5 colors in this group are desert, roakwood amber, oceanside, red tomato, and darkroom.


If you would like your house to reflect the grandeur look of old homes, vintage may be the way to go for. The color range within this group gives the exterior a subdued look. The paint generally resembles the layers of paint beneath the wall. The palette can give the picture of weathered wood, antique pieces, moss or something that inspires the old world charms. This color range for house exteriors has become the best for those nostalgic about bygone eras. The colours that belong to this group are cream, green, coral, sequin, smoky blue and brown.


If you think maybe in simplicity and want your home to convey the same, then you should paint the exteriors in colors that provide the house a transparent and translucent look. The palette available should bring to mind shadows and silhouettes. The paint also needs to have a glazed finish and exude calm and subtlety. With one of these colors, the house will not only blend using the surroundings, but also suggest a feeling of versatility. The colors in this range are whitetail, butter, magnetic gray, moderate white, enigma, and heavy gray.

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