Saturday, 23 February 2013

Home Makeover Ideas for Living Rooms

Giving your tired old living room a makeover does not have to cost a fortune. What was when a fabulously decorated living room several years ago may go through outdated and blah after coping with it for a few years. The living room is definitely given new life with a few changes to recreate the area in a new way.


Paint your walls. Use neutral, light, warm and welcoming colors. Not simply will they be easy to match with all of sorts of themes, furniture and accessories, however the light-colored paint will make the room seem to be larger. Remember to paint your ceiling a lighter shade than your wall color, which can make the room seem even larger and also the ceilings look higher.


Use furniture sparingly, and add slipcovers to existing furniture to prevent having to purchase any new items. Arrange the furniture to help make the room look larger. Create small conversational areas by separating the couch and love seat and placing chairs alongside them. Choose only a few large pieces of multipurpose furniture, like a hutch and buffet, for storage and also to display accessories. Ottomans and benches can be used seating, storage and tables.

Wall Art

Use wall art to include color to your room, grouping similar photos or paintings together. Vary the sizes of the photos and paintings to include visual interest to your living room wall. Move wall art using their company rooms to your living room to avoid needing to buy additional wall art.


Tropical homes makeover suggests large picture windows that allow light and breeze in. If you wish to have a tropical ambiance inside your home, keep your windows uncluttered and straightforward. If you have enough budget, you are able to adjust its size and shape and have hard wood clutters with slatted or roll-up bamboo blinds. If you want to use curtains, white voile or linen materials is going to do just great for that airy tropical feel.

Tropical Accents

Accessories and accents are a few of the simplest form of home improvements but have major effect on rooms and places they're installed. For that tropical home feel, choose bold prints on fabric or wall paints. Your home must have room for plants and verdant tropical foliage. There's a long list of tropical plants that you could decorate your home with such as bamboo, plumeria, orchids, palms, orchids, birds of paradise and caladium. Beach trinkets for example shells, coconuts, rocks, corals and driftwood will also be ideal pieces for center tables and consoles. Tiki statues, pineapple designed figures and ornamental wood carvings can complete your tropical home makeover.


Make or buy new curtains for the windows or add a new curtain rod or pole to totally change the look of the room. Curtains is often as simple as two rectangles of fabric mounted on a curtain pole with snap-on rings. If you wish to be a little more creative, line the curtains having a contrasting color and add curtain tie-backs. Whenever you pull the curtains back, the liner will show, adding interest towards the window treatments.

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