Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Living Room Fireplace Design

A living room can be called the most significant room in a home. It is the first room that guests visit, so it's obvious that decorating it ought to be taken seriously.

A symmetry fireplace design in cold climates countries is strongly needed. It's caused by the existence of the hearth can warm the condition of our room. On top of that, fireplace also can make our room looks more interesting. Around us, there are lots of fireplace designs with various qualities can be found. It makes us have more choice when choosing the best fireplace for our home. However, we also have to be careful when choosing a good fireplace.

There are so many variations of fireplace, and you may decorate the mantel in any decor style you want. The ceiling height, your decor color and style combination, all come together to define your living area. Here is a collection of living room ideas with a fireplace.


The one thing about classics is that they never venture out of style. So if all fails you, so if you feel left with no ideas whatsoever to brighten your fireplace area with, go for the classic setting. One of the best decorating ideas for any living room is using the fireplace as the center of attraction. The furniture, that's the sofa set and a coffee table can be put right in front of the fireplace, on a warm rug, making the setting a comfortable one, to spend a cold evening having a family. So go for this one and you will never go wrong.

Focus TV

If you wish to go for something different, how about incorporating just a little style within your living room by as well as your television in it too? You can mount a set screen television, right above the fireplace. Instead of getting the sofa set facing the television like depicted in the image above, you'll have a couple of chairs facing the television for sure, but also have a sofa set and small table placed just a little away from the fireplace, facing the alternative direction. This way, not everyone within the room is compelled to watch TV, when one individual is. They can just relax within the sitting area, and all those who wish to watch TV can do so.

Through the Book

If you have a lot of books, you may make your own little library inside your living room. Align bookshelves to flank the hearth. Use the same color of the mantel , or at best one that matches or contrasts it. Do not attempt a mis-match. Keep that for an additional time and another place. Place an appropriate couch in front of the fireplace, to ensure that one can simply pull out it of his or her choice and lounge in-front of the fireplace with it. It's easy, functional and appears great too.

Home Office

For all the workaholics, taking their work home with them every night, here is a great idea. Just because you're working at home, does not mean you can't do it in style. Transform the hearth area into your mini home office, by placing your work-table before it. This way, when you work late into the evening, you'll have the rustling fire to keep you company. It adds a homey touch for your 'office' and you'll feel more comfortable employed in such an environment.

Leave it Alone

For those who have a faux fireplace you may still make your living room look nice. The key is to simply leave it alone. Yes, you heard right. Move the focus of the room from the fireplace, by leaving the space just empty, or by putting a gorgeous Oriental rug in-front of it. You can also have a huge flower vase, with fresh colorful flowers inside it at all times, placed before it on the small table and keep the rest of the region empty. The very fact that there's nothing because of it, will draw attention to it. So provide its due space and watch the way it transforms into the center of everyone's attention. 

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