Monday, 21 January 2013

Japanese Bedroom Interior Design

A lot of planning goes in decorating a bedroom particularly if the decorations are to be based on a theme. Nowadays, a number of interior decorators suggest opting for pre defined themes which have some resemblance to different cultures of the planet. Each culture has its own traditions and architecture. One of the most popular themes that are being used for bedrooms is Japanese Bedroom. Because the name suggests, the decorations inside a Japanese Bedroom resemble the Japanese way of life and therefore are based on the patterns in which bedrooms are decorated in Japan. If you're planning to go for Japanese style bedroom, you have to take into account various objects that can help in giving the bedroom the best feel. Some important tips for decorating the bedroom in Japanese style are:

Select a color palette. Incorporating colors common in Japanese decor will instantly give a hint of Japanese style for your room. Good choices to consider are off-white along with other neutral colors, with accents of red or gold. Black, while considered a non-color within the Western design world, is very important for adding definition and dimension in Japanese design and really should be freely used.

In designing a Japanese-themed bedroom, one must consider the salient aspects vital in Japanese design. Japanese bedrooms are marked by simplicity and minimalism for any pared-down look. Careful thought is defined into Japanese bedroom designs. Each piece is taken into consideration, not only for aestheticism, but, more to the point, for function. Moreover, furniture placing and kind symbolize the Zen philosophy the Japanese believe in.

Use of natural materials and sun light also defines Japanese style. Natural materials for example stones and wood can be used for a low-key look that is equally attractive to the senses. Since sun light would be the main source of illumination, lighting fixtures are generally concealed or recessed or are altogether minimized. The utilization of muted colors, such as greens and grays, will also be helpful in minimizing visual “noise” and business, an important aspect of achieving serenity and tranquility.

Furniture can also be low and near the ground, not just to create the illusion of a bigger space but additionally to signify stability and comfort. Much emphasis is offered to horizontal, rather than vertical, lines. This reminds us of our regards to the earth. Lack of ornamentation in wooden furniture is another factor that sets Japanese bedroom design aside from all the rest. Japanese wood artisans depend on clean and simple lines to focus on their masterpieces. The same would hold true within the minimal use of accessories and d├ęcor in Japanese bedrooms to be able to veer away from clutter and also to focus on the inner self.

Artwork: Japan bedroom has very little decoration and is focused on one or two items. The Japanese decorations derive from simplicity and harmony. Therefore, very few decorative items are used for decoration. Bamboo showpieces are usually utilized in Japanese rooms as it is considered Lucky. You may also keep a plant in the room to provide a lively feel to the room. Simple table top fountains etc may also be used for decoration. However, do not overdo the decorations they do not go along with Japanese decorations.

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