Thursday, 27 December 2012

Victorian Style Home Decor

The Victorian era was one of elegance, sophistication, and sophistication. The homes of this period are beautiful examples of architecture, that have captured the hearts of many. Fashion wasn't something that was limited to the look of people, but rather, was reflected in everything. The social status and sophistication of the owner of a home was reflected in the manner they chose to decorate it and also the nobles vied with each other to see who would think of a more innovative and glamorous touch for their home. Richness was mirrored in d├ęcor and delightful furniture, accessories adorned the many rooms, and passageways of these homes, which makes them look palatial. Even now, when modernization has pervaded every aspect of our lives, there are many who would enjoy having their homes decorated in the Victorian style. If you're one among them, here are some ideas that may help you make the right choices and plan well to be able to get an eye-popping finish.


Victorian design literally starts in the ground up. Flooring can be luxurious carpeting, rich wood, or geometrically patterned tile. For those who have wooden flooring in your home, stain it a deeper, darker color. Rosewood, mahogany, or walnut stains are great choices. Scatter woven tapestry rugs sporting peacocks, gardens, or any other bird or floral motifs over the floor to add appeal. If you like tile, a combination of black and white inside a striking pattern will provide an attractive setting for your furnishings.


Victorian home decorating could be identified throughout the home and from ceilings to floors. Walls were covered in dark colors and laden with dark, heavy what to make rooms appear smaller and for that reason more intimate. Whether you select wallpaper or paint, stick to rich colors such as emerald green, burgundy, plum and mauve. Hang intricately designed picture frames and mirrors. Large frames which cover a wide area of a wall or groupings of similar frames are characteristic of a Victorian living room.


The very first thing you need to consider when being careful of interiors is the walls. Remember that the walls in the Victorian times were never painted see how to avoid or pastel colors, but were bright and vibrant colors for example ruby, emerald green, and sapphire. Use different colors on different walls and light shades only within the kitchen and hallway.


In Victorian times, the floors were created of wood and were engrossed in rich carpets. Try to produce a similar look. You can use marble, tiles, bricks or wood for kitchens. For the rest of the home, even if you do not have wooden floors, you should use carpets with rich floral designs allow it a Victorian look.


Buy furniture which was similar to the Victorian era in order to get that authentic look. The furniture of that point was made of oak, teak, mahogany, and rosewood, among other exotic choices. These were beautifully carved or made of wicker. The normal Victorian era house was filled with furniture. While it may be difficult for you to definitely manage such a house, you are able to tastefully choose the right furniture to give your home an authentic Victorian look.

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