Thursday, 6 December 2012

Modern Living Room Accessories

Stylish and beautiful accessories enhance outlook of the living room interior. They should match up with the colours used in your living room. Various accessories for example gorgeous chandeliers, vibrant rugs, beautiful aquarium, exciting cushion covers, attractive curtains, lighted lamps, decorative plant stands etc provide a warm and inviting feeling to your living room. They customize the look of living room furniture.

Living Room Chandeliers

Chandeliers help make your living room the center of attraction. So choose correct one according to your living room style. In modern and contemporary living rooms, crystal chandeliers look fabulous. For traditional rooms, you should use antique and rustic chandeliers. Chandeliers will also be suitable in spacious living rooms.

Living Room Aquarium

Aquarium can be used in living room to entertain both children and adults. Within the market, different styles of aquarium can be found. You can choose right one based on your living room space.

Living Room Rugs

If you wish to change look of your room, rugs are the most useful option. You can introduce different rugs for various areas. For great effects, place a rug under coffee table to highlight coffee area. You may also cover unattractive areas of carpet with area rugs.

Wall art:

Artwork is a very great way to add color to some room. Bold and dramatic, it may magically transform your living area right into a conversation piece. Stark living room with dramatic artwork doesn't need any other d├ęcor elements. And if you are focusing on a budget, then don in your creative hat. Combine thrift store finds and bargain buys right into a fun, colorful gallery. To bring just a little coordination to an eclectic look, have a common color theme throughout accessories.

Commonfloor tip: Make use of a neutral background as the canvas for pops of bright color, clean lines, and funky patterns. In case your walls are gray or cream color in color, then chocolate brown sofas make up the perfect accessory with bright plants, art and accessories which keep your room from looking cold.


To produce an ambience that oozes charm is often as simple as dotting your living space with candles. An instant make over magic - the area oozes of visual warmth the soft glow of the candles radiate.

A storage tray:

Using a beautiful tray or a bowl inside your living room will make your room look organized. Be sure that the storage objects that you choose ought to be delicate and grab the visitor’s attention.

Create a cutting-edge wall by hanging wall arts within the living room. You can also create a memory wall inside your living room by carefully framing all of your family pictures and hanging them on your wall. Other wall arts may include pictures, posters, hangings, art work, craft work and so forth. Apart from just the wall art you may also have a painted wall, textured wall or perhaps an accent wall in your living room.

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