Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Living Room DecorationTips

Living room home decor ideas are inspired by a large number of things. Many architects and interior designer's will design a brand new house around the living room decor. Because of so many different styles and design concepts, deciding on the best living room decor and designs can be tough.

Select a style or theme you discover pleasing. Think about colors, textures and moods you like and want to evoke with your room before choosing anything. Options are plentiful plus they include Mediterranean, Italian, rustic, modern, French Country and Asian. Additionally, you will need to consider formal and informal styles in addition to comfort levels.

Paint colors

Pick paint colors that amplify your living room theme. Warm colors include gold, yellow, red and orange. Cooler colors include blue, green, grey and white. Consider the way you want your guests to feel within the room and pick a shade that suits the style you choose. Pale colors use country styles while dark colors opt for bolder styles.

Select furnishings that coordinate using the look you want. If you decide to opt for an Asian, modern or mid-century flair, you will want streamlined furnishings with little detail while country and Mediterranean styles use furnishings which are more ornate.

Consider modular furniture

Based on your style, a foldable butterfly chair or perhaps a foldable extra table might be appropriate, as they possibly can be condensed when not in use. Once more, I tout Ikea for components of this nature, as they often carry attractive yet practical space-conscious furnishings.

Paint the walls an easy color

Navy, maroon, olive, or brown walls will likely make the room feel tighter and much more cramped. Softer tones - perhaps a light beige, a muted yellow, or perhaps a powder blue - might help the space feel more open.

Eliminate bulky curtains, if you have them

Nowadays, many people use shades or blinds without curtains, which can help the room feel more open and might gain you an inch approximately of pass-by room if your windows reside across the room's egress.

Avoid large wall art

Trade the big prints for a few smaller ones. By exposing more wall and shrinking how big anything you hang, you produce a subtle feeling of openness.


Choose flooring that can help your living room look pulled together. Oriental rugs are perfect for eclectic, Asian and minimalist themes. Rugs with geometric patterns complement modern decor styles. When you purchase a rug with many colors, pull a couple of colors from the rug -- one wall color and something accent -- and go easy around the rest of the colors in your living room to prevent making the room feel unbalanced.

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