Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Living Room Decorating Tips

Living room is considered the center of any home. It's the place where we spend the majority of our time, whether it is while entertaining guests, or with a cozy family night. So, you need to make some effort while decorating your living room to produce a warm, cozy, chic and welcoming effect. Moreover, coming up with living room decorating ideas could be somewhat challenging. But with some planning on your part, you can develop living room decorating ideas on a budget. All you need is a little creativity and patience to generate a living room design that will suit your style and residential.

Here are some living room decorating ideas, whether you are upgrading or redesigning your living room, that won't only look elegant, but additionally will suit your budget. You don't have to change the entire living room furniture with all a new one or changing the whole background color if you wish to change the atmosphere of living room.

Changing the colour of your living room is one of the easiest and cheap living-room decorating or redecorating ideas if you're on a budget. Color is a very efficient way of setting a mood within the room, so color schemes that should reflect your look and personality. If you want to make one wall the focus of the room, you can paint that wall inside a color that stands out, like red or green. Then use accents of that color within the furniture or knick knacks.

Conceal Your TV

Every well-designed room includes a focal point, but all too often the focus of the living room is the TV. Although some flat-panel TVs are very sleek, most sets simply aren't that attractive. Rather than arranging your living room around this awkward appliance, try concealing it or incorporating it inside the room's design. Place your TV within an antique cabinet with doors that swing or slide open and closed, or produce a niche for the television in the wall or perhaps a wood panel system.

Add a highlight Wall

Chose a focal point for that room other than the television, like the fireplace, a painting or perhaps an unusual piece of furniture. Use an accent wall-a wall that's painted a color that contrasts using the room's other walls-to highlight this object. For any contemporary look, try a powerful red, orange or calming dark gray. Go the standard route with burgundy, green or brown tones.

Reinvent Your Furniture

It's not necessary to replace all of your current living room furniture. Instead, you are able to transform it for less than $100. Buy a slipcover for your beat-up couch. Gone are the days when slipcovers were ill-fitted with bows around the arms-today you can find plenty of sophisticated-looking slipcovers in a selection of colors and styles. Sand down and repaint your coffee table or TV console. If you are feeling bold, go for some bright colors.

Purchase Decorative Wallpaper

Another common feature of historic living rooms wad decorative wallpaper. You’ll find most of the same designs used in the period, but this is something you’ll pay quite a penny for. Some decorators recommend while using the wallpaper on an accent wall and paint another walls an identical color so you get the effect with no staggering costs.

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