Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Improving your home is very much way among the ideas is by adding lighting to your landscape. Landscape lighting design it is crucial for your landscape, it will make your landscape look beautiful by using landscape lighting design.

There are two types of landscape lighting designs, the first is down lighting or moonlighting that illuminates the nearby mainly for safety reasons. Another is called up lighting or silhouette lighting that provides depth and accents a specific element. While installing landscape lighting for the home, keep in mind that less is more in this instance. You only want to highlight some aspects of architecture of your home or garden. The key to good landscape lighting is to install the lighting in a way that it looks tasteful and stylish and not deck up the entire house and garden just like a Christmas tree. Choosing landscape lights for a beautiful landscape design isn't difficult, you just have to know which lighting will appear good.

The best landscape lighting idea would be to strategically place the light fixtures to ensure that some unique element of the garden is showcased. Also ensure that the pathways for the garden is well-lit to ensure that people can walk onto it safely. For certain architectural elements within the garden like fountains, sundial and birdhouse, a good landscape lighting idea would be to install lighting in such a way that a well type light is projected upward to concentrate light on these elements. You may also use this technique to place lights behind shrubs, flower beds and trees in order that it gives a soft yet dramatic lighting effect. For those who have a small fountain or water feature in your landscaped garden, you'll be able to install submerged recessed lighting that throws its beam upwards. Such illumination in water looks excellent and you can even experiment with different colored lightings to produce special effects.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway garden lights are available in a variety of formats, from step lights which are installed flush with the ground to decorative, hanging lanterns. Line the walkway for your front door or from your back patio towards the pool. Not only do path lights accentuate the doorway to your home or other destination, they also guide visitors safely along their way.

Moon Lighting

If you need a more natural landscape lighting effect, consider installing reduced voltage fixtures high up in your trees. Aim the lights down so the beams filter through the tree's branches leaving, softly illuminating the ground below. This method is called "moon lighting," as it mimics natural, dappled effect of the moon's beams in your yard.


The landscape lighting technique called "uplighting" look very dramatic. Position an easy at the base of a tree and it'll illuminate the trunk and underside from the branches, making the entire tree glow. This method also works for illuminating sculptures or fountains, but check to ensure the result isn't ominous.

Accent Lighting

Less dramatic than uplighting, accent lighting enables you to highlight focal points within your landscape design. Position an easy a few feet away from a surface, like a textured or ivy-covered wall. Illuminate a bank of shrubs or perhaps your prized rose bushes. Avoid using too high of a voltage though, while you don't want to wash out your yard.

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