Friday, 21 December 2012

Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

Kitchen Island- The inclusion of big kitchen islands in designer kitchen remodels continues to be becoming more and more omnipresent in the past many years, and that isn’t about to change in 2013. Actually, one would be hard pressed to locate a decently sized kitchen without one. This year’s kitchen design trends escape from dining rooms and towards eating, drinking, and interacting within the kitchen itself. A large kitchen island, filled with bar stools, is the perfect way to make this happen, while developing a nice open-air feeling - particularly if one can be used to bridge the kitchen and living areas, another major 2013 kitchen design trend.


Although this year has remained steady in terms of of favouring darker colours, 2013 designs predict a big change to lighter, more neutral colours, with dark countertops in marble and stone to produce an elegant, natural look. Pale wood flooring remains popular, in particular bamboo as designers make an effort to use more renewable materials.


LED lighting takes hold in the global interior design world right now, not just for its energy-efficiency properties but additionally as a part of the focus on integration, making the lighting a simple feature rather than just a functional necessity. Continuing this right through to adjoining rooms allows the kitchen to satisfy the rest of the house without compromising on style.


Going green has gained increasingly more recognition and 2013 won't be any exception! Homeowners are trending bring elements to their home that are not only environmentally conscious, but safe for his or her homes and their family. This includes appliances having a five star energy rating, which saves profit the long run on
utility bills.


An increasing requirement for simple, minimalistic kitchen design has sparked a rise in appliance integration. Most of our appliances are actually hidden in cabinets, while under-counter refrigerators are used more to keep an even countertop surface. The oven, the statement piece of the kitchen, predominantly appears in classic stainless. Brand names like Bosch or Viceroy, both of that exist at Wren Kitchens, are still as significant in design consideration of course.


Glass backsplashes are being used in design schemes in nearly every type of kitchen style, offering an easy, clean look, and a surface that is both easy to maintain and simple to match with an existing kitchen. Back-painted glass is especially popular for adding a splash of colour to some modern kitchen, and reflects soft LED lighting to produce an open, inviting ambience.

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The focus on living in your kitchen is highlighted in upcoming trends, through the growing popularity of large kitchen islands over platforms, suggesting a shift in the dining room to kitchen as families start to spend more time in their homes for supper and drinks. Small changes will also be increasing in popularity; in particular, cabinet handles have become less bulky, with most designers opting instead for recessed handles and one-touch drawers, for both style and convenience.

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