Monday, 17 December 2012

Choosing a Perfect Christmas Color Schemes

Choosing a color scheme should make all of your decorating decisions easier. If you're having trouble coming up with a color scheme. In planning to decorate your home for the Christmas season, one thing you will need to do is pick a color scheme for your decor. Utilizing a color scheme that is used throughout all of your decorations will bring everything together and supply your home a warm and welcoming look suitable for the holiday. Choose a color scheme for that decorations by picking out several colors to brighten your home.

Snow White: For many countries, it's winter during the month of December when Christmas is well known. Snow white is therefore a natural option to be used as a color scheme. Often this really is coupled with light blue to provide a feeling of sky. White is easily the most popular Color used for Christmas scheme because the color blends well with any type of furniture or tapestry of the house. It is also simple to find white curtains and cushion cover to provide completeness to the theme. Any kind for furniture which range from wrought iron to wooden goes well with white color theme.

Multicolor: In case your home decor has many colors and patterns white and metallics will stick out and won’t conflict with the patterns. When the decor is minimalist but bright you can include different brights mixed with silver or white should you still want a bright Christmas decor. Summery floral upholstery could be covered with white or neutral coverlets to neutralize conflicting patterns.

Heart red: Red is recognized as a Color of festivity and it is used in almost all celebrations around the world. It is also used during Christmas. Red is recognized as a color that lifts the atmosphere and is a warm color. White, silver and gold create a nice contract to heart red and evergreen and also the overall result is very soothing towards the eyes.

Combination of snow white, evergreen and red: As all of the three colors are Christmas colors, a mix of the three colors is also popularly used. Generally, decorative wreaths are green colored, walls, curtains and cushions are white along with other decorative items are a mix of heart red and evergreen. However, you should balance the colors in this theme.

Rustic color theme: The home could be decorated using carved wooden ornaments, dried flowers, leaves, wooden beads, sticks and pine codes to provide a rustic color theme. It goes well with wooden furniture and wooden doors. Hint of evergreen gives sprouting of life turn to the decor. The Christmas tree may also be covered with wooden ornaments to enhance the overall rustic color theme. Golden color may also be used along with wooden color to own required glitter to the decor. White also goes well with rustic color theme and provides a contrasting effect.

Modern color theme: People who want to experiment with colors will go in for modern color theme while using color of choice like lavender, magenta etc. The colour can be selected based on the overall decor from the room and the color of walls etc. You should have a color that goes combined with the color of the walls instead of having something that looks good within the shelf but does not match the overall decor of the room. The easiest method to have the color of choice on multiple items which are traditionally not available for the reason that color is to use spray paint. Christmas balls, hanging wreaths as well as the Christmas tree can be sprayed using the color of your choice. This gives a totally new theme that might haven't been explored before.

Golden and Silver Color theme: Golden and Silver color theme can be used as Christmas as it give the required glitter towards the overall decor of the room. To get the desired effect, a number of articles could be spray painted with golden or silver color. Wooden things like dried flowers, pine codes etc are popularly pained with golden or silver color and provide a very attractive look to the tree. Also, lighting may be used effectively to add to the theme. Standard lighting sources like candles work well in uplifting this theme. With modern lighting options, golden theme looks complete. The tree may also be sprayed with golden color and stem with silver color to provide a contrasting look.

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