Friday, 12 October 2012

Wall decor ideas for bedroom

Bedroom wall decoration is an artistic concept that you must understand the concepts of diffuse coloring, secularity, glossiness and also the effects that various colors produce into the environment in relation to space. Different textures provide a different feel to the surfaces of materials and selecting a good texture could make the main difference between a shaded mated look as well as an unruly lackluster look. Furthermore, one final concept has to be touched upon that's lighting. All these concepts are explained briefly and can give the reader an idea of what materials, colors and textures to select.

When choosing a color patter for wall decoration, you have to keep in mind the contrast color pattern with the ambient lighting. Generally a widely accepted color plan's in a light color background this type of cream white or ash grey which is contrasted with dark colors. Those colors could be dark brown or matte black. Since we have a contrast combination such as this, it would be pertinent to place the dark colors in small packets like decoration shelves or painting which have a dull feel to them and also have black matted frames. Ambient lighting can be accomplished be placing small halogen bulbs at the rear of the painting or decoration pieces housed within their cabinet sections. The textures chosen with this should be as follows. The wall ought to be painted with a very smooth finish emulsion, wallpapers ought to be avoided here, and the decoration pieces using their shelves should be dull and matted. They ought to not be shinny and glittery. Basically their security level ought to be kept in check.

Paint and Wallpaper

Paint is easily the most easily thought and accessible wall d├ęcor idea for bedroom. Numerous techniques can be employed to paint the bedroom.

You are able to install wainscoting halfway on your bedroom wall and paint top of the half with a soft neutral color.

Use painter’s tape to produce wide vertical stripes and paint almost every other stripe with a slightly darker and same shade of paint.

Make use of a romantic wallpaper idea on your wall behind the bed and paint all of those other room with a paint matching or complementing the wallpaper.



Shelves are an easy way to break up the flat surface from the wall in a bedroom. You do not want for their services in the same way you would in a family room, however. Don't crowd the shelves with a lot of books or use them to carry DVDs. Again, doing so will require away from the serene feeling of the bedroom. Instead, produce a warm and cozy atmosphere by putting a small lamp on a shelf, plus a simple vase of flowers or perhaps a green houseplant. Add one or two favorite books. For any more romantic bedroom, replace the lamp with a few candles and add an incense diffuser.


The wall behind the bed is often the focal wall in any bedroom. When the bed does not have a headboard, the wall will appear empty and bare, even though you decorate it. Therefore, the very best decoration for this wall is to produce a headboard for the bed. This can be done having a simple piece of plywood, some batting, fabric along with a staple gun. You can also produce the illusion of a headboard by attaching window shutters towards the wall. Lay one or both of these horizontally for a distinctive look.

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