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Victorian Christmas home decorations

Victorian homes salute the days of old when grandeur, grace and magnificence were the norm. Enhance this old-world style by continuing the theme with Christmas d├ęcor. Make sure to choose decorations with an understated elegance in your mind, in order to best give your home a Victorian grace and charm.

Victorian Christmas decorations add antique delight for the holiday decorating. The detail and charm the truth is with Victorian Christmas decor is unlike what you’ll find along with other Christmas holiday. Victorian Christmas decorations, such as a Santa wearing a blue or brown coat, white bottlebrush trees, hand-knitted stockings, carved Santas, chalk Santas, and German Belsnickels definitely produce a mood of nostalgia. Locating the perfect pieces that are within the 1920’s and 1930’s is doable and requires time to work to locate, but when you do, you will have wonderful pieces to show for several years to come.

With a number of choices, you will have a holiday home replete with eye-catching Victorian festive pieces. You are able to display pieces that you’ve collected or purchase items which are used or new with this Victorian look.

Making your own Victorian Christmas items is yet another option. For example, you can print Victorian Santas and embellish them using tinsel and glitter. This makes the perfect accent for an antique feather tree.

Pick a color theme for your Christmas decorations. Choose colors for example muted silver and gold, burgundy, mauve, cream and soft pastel shades of green or blue which will enhance the Victorian elegance in your home.

Decorate mantles with boughs of greenery. Embellish the greenery by placing tall white pillar candles among the leaves or by stringing garlands of pearls amid the greenery.

Add ornaments towards the Christmas tree, such as peacock feathers or bird ornaments with feathers, gold cherubs or angels made from white-lace handkerchiefs. Ball ornaments covered in sparkly white paint or perhaps a crocheted white material will add a little simplicity to the tree.

Victorian Christmas Tree

The recognition of Christmas trees dates back to when Victoria was queen and he or she and her family gathered around their Christmas tree in Windsor Castle in 1848. Within this year, an etching of Victoria, Albert, in addition to their children appeared in, “The Illustrated London News.” Around that exact same time, Charles Minnegerode, a German professor within the College of William and Mary trimmed just a little evergreen to bring children joy within the St. George Tucker House. Consequently, Christmas trees shot to popularity in England and also the focus of the Victorian family Christmas.

A traditionally decorated Victorian tree contains marzipan, burning wax candles, hard candies, cookies, gingerbread men, fruit, cotton-batting Santas, paper fans, tin soldiers, whistles, wind-up toys, pine cones, dried fruits, nuts, and berries. A Victorian favorite was paper cornucopias filled with nuts, candies, and other goodies.

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