Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Unique Table Lamp By Ois Design

Stained glass is one of the classic design won't ever go out of fashion. This Vintage Table Lamps type of glass work allows artists to produce a truly wonderful and beautiful models that will last for many years.

Decorating the bedroom isn’t complete with no having a nice table lamp to visit along with it. Two things to think about when choosing a suitable table lamp for the bedroom are design and quality of lighting. There's a vast range of lamp designs to select from to suit any look and feel. Should you place table lamps into two categories, you’d place them under either antique style table lamps and modern style table lamps. Let’s now check out how you can choose the best table lamps for bedroom decoration.

Unique table lamp is other unique table lamp creation to accomplish your unique home decor ideas. Once we have discussed about unique lamp inspired by forest trees, now, we discuss much more about the unique lamp inspired by flamenco skirt. Maybe you have seen the flamenco skirt? This sort of skirt is identical with Mexico dance in which you will find it looks like long gown in A-line dress skirt style. This A-line skirt has unique accent at the base border where you will see such wavy accent put on it.

The concept of flamenco skirt

This wavy floral skirt style on flamenco is visible on this new unique table lamp. This lamp was created by Qis Design. You can say that this beautiful lamp is inspired by flamenco twirling skirt. With the design and shape which make this table lamp looks like the flamenco skirt, however the color is also inspired through the flamenco skirt. We know that the flamenco skirt has numerous colors which applied as like skirt layers installed in the top into the bottom part.

Unique table lamp by Qis Design can also be known as Flamenca lamp to represent the look inspiration through the name. It's available in three color choices to create different experience in room lighting. Those color choices are including green, orange, and pink. The lighting source is made by the LED light placed on the bottom middle. This round LED lighting can create such light and color impact on the area surrounding this lamp. You will say awesome when you go home and place it inside your bedroom, home office, and of course living room to attract your guest.

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