Thursday, 13 September 2012

Stylish Table Lamp – Home Decorators Collection

The stylish table lamp for home décor can't only decorate the dull spaces of your property but can also illuminate all of them with the lighting so that now they are full using the spirit of life. Table lamps may also serve your ever changing lighting needs. They are utilized in your bedroom or study or living room anywhere. They're not going to let you down by their looks and utility.

These come in a wide assortment of sizes and styles. Their types include wrought-iron, mica lamps, Tiffany-style lamps, and wood lamps add splashes of color and texture to your rooms in which the stylish table lamp rests. Learn much more about these popular styles of table lamps and just how they can positively add to the elegance of your house.

Tiffany lamps are distinguished by their own stained glass shades, that are crafted by skilled craftsmen. First introduced in 1895, these lamps has sorted out into seven categories, namely Flowered Cone, Irregular Lower and upper Border, Favrile, Geometric, Transition to Flowers and Flowered Globe. Each category includes a unique style and design that makes it not the same as the others. The first handcrafted Tiffany lamps specified for in the Favrile category, and bear the symbol LCT. Just about all designs of these light fixtures are inspired naturally and feature paintings or detailed work that resemble leaves, flowers, buds, butterflies, spiders, and much more. These lamps add depth and color to your rooms décor. Here are some stylish and ornate Tiffany table lamps that you could check out before you make your purchase.

Autumn Leaves Accent Lamp
This refreshing bit of art has a rust red leaf veined shade locked in place by a graceful curved arm. A sizable glass mosaic maple leaf forms the pedestal, along with a stem of maple leaves rise in the base to twine across the lamp arm and end in the shade. Bring in the beautiful colors from the Fall season with this lovely fitting.

Regina Fringed Table Lamp
Featuring intricate details and hanging fringes, this fixture adds a regal touch for your working table. The lamp shade makes a person think of the elaborate umbrellas that the Indian royal family would use once they go out on their elephants. The contrast from the light shade and the dark base enhances its looks.

Bud Lady Accent Lamp
This fixture design includes a beautiful lady holding aloft an attractive pink flower whose petals glow once the bulb inside is started up. Place this attractive piece around the corner table where you have displayed your artifacts or quietly table beside the sofa where guest won’t miss it.

Deer Lodge Lighted Base Table Lamp
Fusing style and performance, this light fixture is sure to grab all attention. It's designed on geometric lines and it has a pyramidal base that leads to some tapering arm. The shade was created in a pyramid shape focused on top of an open cuboid. The pyramid part is plain as the bottom part has paintings of deer and pine trees within the foreground with a water body and mountains without anyone's knowledge. The same design is seen around the base of the light fixture.

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