Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to Install Landscape Timbers

Installing landscape timbers can be slightly challenging, but the results that they bring to your home and garden are amazing. They make an excellent border and look great when used for flower gardens. Landscape timbers can be purchased at your local lumber supply store, or a department store that carries wood products. They are generally inexpensive, and if properly treated by the supplier, can last for years in your lawn or garden. Follow these few steps to install your landscape timbers, and improve the look and functionality of your lawn and garden.

Once you have found where your landscaping timbers will be installed, dig a trench 3-4 inches deep. Be sure to check your trench by using your measuring tape as a guide, ensuring that the trench is level.

Begin installing the landscaping timbers, by placing the ends against each other tightly. Take your level, and check to see if the installed timbers are setting level. If required, use your small gardening shovel, to add or remove dirt to make the timbers set even.

If required, trim the timbers with a circular saw, cutting across the face of the timber. If your circular saw was unable to cut completely through the timber, finish the cut by use of a hand saw.

Begin with your second row of landscaping timbers, making sure the joints are offset by at least 4 inches from the previous joints in the first set of timbers. Overlap the ends at the corners for stability, and looks.

Make sure that the second row of timbers are roughly level. If needed, shim the lower ends with small pieces of wood. At the corners, use your framing square to square off the timbers.

Using your drill, create pilot holes a bit smaller than the circumference of a 12-inch spike at the end of each timber, and every 4 feet along the second (top) row of landscaping timbers. Hammer a 12-inch spike into each hole with your 3-pound sledge hammer. This will secure your timbers so they don't move or shift out of place.

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