Friday, 28 September 2012

How to Grow Dwarf Mondo Grass

Dwarf mondo grass is commonly used to landscape yards and lawns. It's a popular alternative to turf grass, because it is more drought resistant as well as less care to grow. However, it can't take much wear, and cannot be planted in regions of heavy traffic. It grows in clumps, between three and six inches tall, and it is dark green. Dwarf mondo grass is evergreen, and can remain colorful year round. It's no major pests as well as mowing only once a year.

Dwarf mondo grass is ideal for a lawn if you’re seeking to have an attractive garden. Since it is dwarfed, it just grows up to the height of 2 to 4 inches. It's also clumped together, making it tidy and neat to check out. It is one of the favorite grasses of gardeners since it is easy to take care of. As long as you ensure that it stays moist it will grow beautifully. Even when it is not placed in the bright sun it may still thrive. Most grasses won't grow well when put into a shady area, but dwarf mondo grasses can thrive within the shade. All it needs is a great soil or a regular fertilizer when the soil is not very healthy inside your particular area.

Select a site to develop dwarf mondo grass. Choose a shady location that receives between four and 6 hours of indirect sunlight every day. Incorporate weed-free compost into the soil just before planting. Use store-bought compost to make sure it is free of pests, diseases and weeds. Spread three inches of compost over your best location, and then use a tiller to combine it with the soil.

Plant sprigs of dwarf mondo grass into the soil. Dig a small hole, put the mondo grass sprig inside and gently refill the opening around it. Space the sprigs four to six inches apart. Continue before the entire planting area is full, after which water thoroughly.

Feed the grass utilizing a liquid fertilizer once a month for that first six months. Use a starter fertilizer that's specially formulated for grass. Apply following a manufacturer's instructions for proper dosage.

Mow the grass each year in early February, before new shoots rise in the ground. Set the height from the blade on the lawn mower to the highest setting and mow over the whole yard to encourage new growth.

There are different kinds of mondo grasses to choose from. A very common and sought-after type is black mondo grass due to the unique black leaves. When it is combined with other plants, the black leaves stick out beautifully. Mondos really are attractive when looked after correctly. This is why dwarf mondo grass and it is varieties are one of the top grasses to think about if you are planning to landscape your front yard or lawn. Home Garden

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