Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Home Insurance – Tips to Make Your Home More Secure

Your home is one of the most important and substantial investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Not only does it give you great pride to own your own home, but it is where you the ones most special to you, your family, reside. It only is smart that you would want to protect and safeguard your home then, as much as possible.

Home Security Tips

Lower home insurance premiums isn’t the only real good reason to improve security though, it will give you peace of mind.

Below are some tips on enhancing the security in and around your home.

Fit sturdy door locks: It’s hardly surprising the door is the most convenient way of a burglar to get into a property. Actually, nearly sixty-six per cent of all burglars simply employ the leading or the back door. Favourite methods for entry include: picking locks, forcing the entranceway open or breaking a glass panel and unlocking the entranceway form the inside.

Fitting deadlocks to all or any external doors is one way to slow burglars down and help to reduce your home insurance premium. Ask the local DIY expert that will help you choose the best type of deadlock (lock five-lever mortise complying with British Standard 3621) and be sure that they carry the Kitemark.

Fit sturdy window locks: Window tresses are cheap to purchase and easy to suit. They make it tougher for burglars to break-in (by forcing those to smash the glass thereby creating noise and improving the risk of injury), and harder to eliminate any stolen goods. Considering that one third of all burglars enter via a window, it makes shrewd sense to match locks to all your downstairs windows.

Keep the windows and doors locked: According to the Home Office 35% of burglaries are opportunistic crimes, with burglars tempted along with an open door or window. The answer is apparent and won’t cost you anything.

Be careful together with your keys: Leaving an extra key underneath the doormat or hanging on the nail within the garden shed is all about as security-conscious as leaving you wide open. Burglars know all the hiding places, so instead leave your spare set using a trusted neighbour or nearby friend. Similarly keys left in window and door tresses are as good as useless.

When you’re in your own home keep your keys from sight and unrealistic. Burglars are skilled fishermen and could quickly hook a bunch of keys using a letterbox using a length of wire just like a rod and a magnet as bait.

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